Water Soluble Fluids
Synthetic KSS

Jokisch Migma Evio DPR

Old productname: Hyper BO
  • synthetic coolant fluid - free of secondary amines - chlorine-free - mineral oil-free

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Hyper BO

Jokisch Migma Evio KGY

Old productname: Hyper DK 12
  • Free of Formaldehyde - free of secondary amines - chlorine-free — free of mineral oil



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Hyper DK 12

Jokisch Migma Evio KSY

Old productname: Schleifmittel NBK
  • Synthetic coolant fluid - chlorine free - mineral oil free

Grinding fluid for universal processing.

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Schleifmittel NBK

Jokisch Migma Evio KSR

Old productname: Schleifmittel SKS
  • boric acid free - mineral oil free - nitrite free

Special abrasive for grinding hard metal.

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Schleifmittel SKS

Jokisch Migma Evio KPY

Old productname: Kompakt ST
  • Free of boric acid – free of mineral oil

Water soluble coolant fluid for severest forming operations on steel and high alloyed steel.

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Kompakt ST

Jokisch Migma Evio DBG

Old productname: W1 OP Basic
  • Free of mineral oil - low foaming tendency - free of secondary amines - free of formaldehyde

Synthetic water soluble cooling lubricant for many types of shape cutting light metal processing, including grinding.

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W1 OP Basic

Jokisch Migma Evio KSG

Old productname: NBK SKI
  • Free of formaldehyde and boric acid - free of secondary amines

Special abrasive for processing glas, ceramics and plastic.

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