Water Soluble Fluids
Jokisch Migma Tano KGG

Jokisch Migma Tano KGG

Old productname: Compact Y 500
  • free of boric acid and amines - free of nitrite - free of phosphor
Compact Y 500
  • Application
  • Proposed Concentrations

For any heavy-duty machining operation on non-ferrous materials as well as for steel, casting and aluminum materials on individual machines, operating centres and central systems.

  • semi-transparent, finely disperse, reduced capture of copper ions
  • high pressure lubricant with good lubricating effect
  • high stability, low losses
  • good protection against corrosion
  • resistant to microorganisms, good service life
  • low foaming even in soft water

Percentage of use varies greatly due to the average machining operations, the hardness of water, the required workpieces protection, etc...

The percentage of use with average hardness of water is usually:

  • General machining of Steel : 6 - 8 %
  • General machining of High alloys steel : 8 - 10 % 
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