Water Soluble Fluids
Performance Improver

Jokisch Migma Rino LGR

Old productname: Performance Improver WMK

Improves the lubrication properties, long tool life, increased surface finish and excellent flushing properties.

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Performance Improver WMK

Jokisch Migma Rino EGR

Old productname: Anti foam fluid WMK
  • Chlorine free - amine free - nitrite free - free of boric acid - free of biocides

Highly effective defoamer for water soluble Mineral oil-containing / free cooling lubricants.

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Anti foam fluid WMK

Jokisch Migma Rino ESR

Old productname: Entschäumer BA
  • Chlorfrei - aminfrei - nitritfrei - frei von Borsäure - frei von Bioziden

Hochwirksamer Entschäumer für Bor- und Aminfreie Kühlschmierstoffe (mineralölhaltig) welche sulfonathaltige Emulgatorsysteme enthalten.

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Entschäumer BA