Water Soluble Fluids
Jokisch Migma Tano KGR

Jokisch Migma Tano KGR

Old productname: Compact YV new
  • Chlorine Free - free of secondary amines - formaldehyde free

For severe machining of high alloyed steel.

Compact YV new
  • Application
  • Characteristics

Water-soluble cooling lubricant, excellent suited for general processing.

Extremely hard water-stable and a very low foaming tendency with different water qualities. Particularly selected AW additives allow machining at high cutting speeds.

The new developed emulsifier with the well-balanced additives ensures an excellent performance spectrum. The positive properties are also evident in hard or extremely hard water.                                With conventional cooling lubricants, the emulsion is quickly "creaming".

Long-term stable and ensures high corrosion protection even at low concentrations.

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