Water Soluble Fluids
Jokisch Migma Evio DPR

Jokisch Migma Evio DPR

Old productname: Hyper BO
  • synthetic coolant fluid - free of secondary amines - chlorine-free - mineral oil-free
Hyper BO
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Synthetic coolant fluid for heavy to very heavy duty and intricated chipping processes. Suitable for all general machining and CNC machining (milling, drilling, turning, boring, cutting, sawing, etc.), punching and drawing. For any type of ferrous, non-ferrous cast metal, high alloyed steel.

Coolant and cutting fluid based on synthetic lubricating components (free of mineral oil). It is free of chlorine and secondary amines. Provides long-life stability of the emulsion. The synthetic characteristics provides a transparent solution and low foam properties. Particularly suitable for machining operations where improvement of lubrication properties is required, such as turning, drilling, milling and threading.