Water Soluble Fluids
Jokisch Migma Rino PGG

Jokisch Migma Rino PGG

Old productname: Presswasserzusatz F

Antifreeze and corrosion protection.

Areas of application: Heat pumps, geothermal probes, air-conditioning systems, heat and cooling systems

Presswasserzusatz F
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Suitable as antifreeze and corrosion protection medium according to VDI guideline 2035.

Applicable in all technical fields, e.g. heat pumps, geothermal heaters, air conditioning systems, heat recovery systems, heating and cooling systems.

Yellow, odorless liquid based on monoethylene glycol for use as a heat transfer medium with highly effective corrosion protection additives and hardening stabilizers. The inhibitor system protects all commonly used metallic materials from corrosion and deposits. Even the use of galvanized components is possible.