Status Quo in grips of COVID19

Dear business partners

We would like to give you a brief overview about the current situation at Jokisch GmbH and rhoba-chemie GmbH un der the COVID19 reality.

At current all business operations are running in normal mode, i.e. until now there are no or only minor derogations in our day-to-day business.

Due to the compound structure and the vicinity of rhoba-chemie and Jokisch, now there are redundant solutions possible to mitigate disturbances in case they occur.

Hence, we have developed emergency plans which could be implemented in a structured way, if required.


Based on today’s situation (20th of March) supply with raw materials, packaging and logistics services are not critical.

Only the current run for disinfection products is a real challenge on the supply side, so 

shortages and thus price hikes for related raw materials are limiting normal production at rhoba-chemie GmbH.

Requests for this product group need carefull planning and additional demand should be discussed with the related persons in rhoba-chemie piror to any commitment to existing and potential new customers.


The cross-company crisis team is meeting via telcons every second day and follows the development for various internal/external parameters, so to react on time according to the emergency plan, if required

Already people of various functions in both companies are working from their homes, but all contact numbers and e-mail addresses have not been changed.

Also, a possible transfer of production to the related other company has been prepared in case that one or the other site would be severely affected by the situation.


HIghest priority now is to keep our employees secure and healthy but also our production and supply capability to our customers has been given a similar high score!

Where we can influence this through our action, we are doing this, external factors though we can’t influence.


Both teams at rhoba and Jokisch are doing their utmost to secure a smooth operation in these difficult times.

TOGETHER is the word of the moment, together we will overcome this unprecedented situation. Let us all pray that we all, as GLOBAL CITIZENS, will be able to master this challenge!  


Best regards from the Boards of Jokisch GmbH and rhoba-chemie GmbH