Jokisch Fosia Clean Five

Old productname: 5 Function-Öl (Spraydose)
  • 5 Functions in one product

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5 Function-Öl (Spraydose)

Jokisch Fosia Clean Uni

Old productname: Bio - Universalreiniger

Highly concentrated aqueous cleaner which removes dyes, colour pigments as well as oil, grease and fat contaminations.

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Bio - Universalreiniger

Jokisch Fosia Clean Citro

Old productname: Citro Clean

Removes oils, greases, adhesives, lubricants, resins and PUR.

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Citro Clean

Jokisch Fosia Clean Easy

Old productname: Easy Clean (Spraydose)

High performance degreaser for all sectors in industry and handcraft.

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Easy Clean (Spraydose)

Jokisch Fosia Clean 165

Old productname: Kaltreiniger L 100

Hydrocarbon-based detergent with anti-corrosion properties.

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Kaltreiniger L 100

Jokisch Fosia Clean 156

Old productname: Kaltreiniger L 100 - 56

Excellent penetration ability and is eminently suitable for use as a hard surface cleaner for surfaces at ambient temperature.

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Kaltreiniger L 100 - 56

Jokisch Fosia Bio Clean.U

Old productname: Bioclean Unit
  • Optimal Health & Safety conditions
  • no more inconvenient regular drain
  • minimizes waste and helps protecting the environment

A new generation of premium biological parts washer.

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Bioclean Unit

Jokisch Fosia Clean Opti

Old productname: Opti Clean Ultimate
  • For clear sight through the machine inspection windows

Cleaning without foam generation on contact with coolant fluids.

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Opti Clean Ultimate