Jokisch Fosia Mix Micro

Old productname: Kanister- und Fassmischgerät

One mixing unit for all container sizes. Essential for all workplaces where
homogeneous emulsions are prepared. Through precise dosage an
economical use of emulsions is possible.

Kanister- und Fassmischgerät
  • Application
  • Advantage

Helpful tool at every workplace, where homogen emulsions are in use. An exact dosage is guaranteed and enables an economic use. The Mixing ratio is easy adjustable with the concentration controller and significantly ease this process.

  • suitable to produce stable and homogen emulsions in a concentration range from 1 to 16 %.
  • useable for all watersoluble coolant fluids.
  • outstanding to fill single cans or machines.
  • is easy to install at every size (5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 60kg, 200kg) with the different screw caps.