Jokisch Fosia Derma Care

Old productname: Derma Care

Skin care cream for hands and face.

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Derma Care

Jokisch Fosia Derma Protect

Old productname: Derma Protect

Protective lotion with dual effect. Protects when working with changing substances e.g. frequent / long lasting contact with aqueous and oily media.

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Derma Protect

Jokisch Fosia Derma Pro

Old productname: Derma Clean Mild Plus

Hand cleanser for severe soiling e.g. from grease, oil, metallic dust, graphite or soot.

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Derma Clean Mild Plus

Jokisch Fosia Derma Clean

Old productname: Derma Clean Mild

Mild skin cleansing lotion for light dirt.

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Derma Clean Mild

Jokisch Fosia Derma Lotion

Old productname: Hautschutzlotion

For care and protection of very stressed skin areas.

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Jokisch Fosia Derma Foam

Old productname: Handschutzschaum

For temporary protection of the hands when gloves are not accetable.

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Jokisch Fosia Derma Caddy

Old productname: Derma Care Dispenser

High quality metal or plastic dispenser for a 2000ml Vario

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Derma Care Dispenser