Anti Corrosion Products

Jokisch Koria Nefo 24.24

Old productname: Rostschutzwachs 70

Long term corrosion protection wax, that guarantees very long lasting protection, even under adverse condition like sea-transport.

Rostschutzwachs 70
  • Application
  • Characteristics

Can be applied by dipping, brushing or spraying. The residue film offers reliable protection against corrosion and can easily be removed with hydrocarbon cleaner or aqueous alkaline cleaner.


  • Universally applicable corrosion protection product
  • Very high viscous
  • Builds a brown, waxy protectiv film
  • Water displacing
  • Ready to use and easy to remove (cleaning: with commercially available cleaner)
  • Easy to manage
  • Free of barium compounds to ensure increased occupational safty for the user