Anti-Spatter Products for Welding

Jokisch Fotia Alea 1.1

Old productname: LB 100 flüssig
  • Not-flammable – silicone free - chlorinated hydrocarbon free - without solvents

Environmentally friendly, hydrated anti spatter fluid for MIG and MAG welding.

LB 100 flüssig
  • Application
  • Characteristics

Active welding substance concentrate can be used for most common industrial welding process. Prevents the adherence of welding spatter to the workpiece surface.
Dilute with water before use. Can be applied with hand sprayers or air spray cans.
Spray the work surface slightly, apply only thin spray film.

  • For arc welding with electrodes, easy removal of the slag, even with V-seams
  • Easy cleaning of welding seams
  • Also prevents the welding spatter from burning in the burner heads during inert gas welding and contact welding.
  • When used correctly no complications with further processing of priming, painting, galvanizing etc
  • It is completely non flammable and can therefore be applied without risk in the workplace
  • Product is exempted from the specific labelling requirements of hazardous products according to ordinance on hazardous substances
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