Anti-Spatter Products for Welding

Jokisch Fotia Alea 2.K

Old productname: LB 100 Flüssig, 2-Chamber Aerosol
  • VOC free – not-flammable – silicone free – without solvents Chlorinated hydrocarbon/propane/butane free

Environmentally friendly, hydrated anti spatter fluid for MIG and MAG welding.

LB 100 Flüssig, 2-Chamber Aerosol
  • Application
  • Characteristics

Active welding substance is contained in an aluminum bag, thus three times more efficient than conventional spray cans. The propellant used is non-flammable compressed air.

  • For arc welding with electrodes, easy removal of the slag, even with V-seams
  • Easy cleaning of welding seams
  • Also prevents the welding spatter from burning in the burner heads during inert gas welding and contact welding
  • When used correctly no complications with further processing of priming, painting, galvanizing etc.
  • It is completely non-flammable and can therefore be applied without risk in the workplace
  • Product is exempted from the specific labelling requirements of hazardous products according to ordinance on hazardous substances
  • VOC free
  • Spray can contains no hazardous solvents
  • No release of CFC / CFC or flammable propane / butane


Advantages of the 2-chamber spray can

  • Very high proportion of active ingredients, 3 more economical than conventional spray cans
  • Spray can can be used in any position, even in overhead operation
  • Emptying the spray can up to 99%
  • Cost saving