Anti-Spatter Products for Welding

Jokisch Fotia Milo C.F

Old productname: Cleaner Fett CF 1111
  • Nozzle dip gel - silicone free

Environmentally friendly, silicone free, anti spatter paste for the burner heads and contact tips for MIG and MAG welding.

Cleaner Fett CF 1111
  • Characteristics
  • Application

Prevents the sticking of welding spatter to welding nozzles / tips and guarantees an extended service life.

  • Reliably prevents the burning of welding spatter in burner heads in all inert gas welding processes
  • In the case of contact welding, it prevents the contact tip from burning
  • Adhesive / clogging of the nozzles is impossible, a perfect mixing gas atmosphere is guaranteed
  • No pore formation in the weld metal
  • Extend the service life of burner heads, nozzles and contact tips
  • The product is not hazardous and does not require labelling
  • Environmentally friendly as it is mainly formulated on native oils and waxes
  • No generation of toxic fumes, since chlorine, amine, and sulfur-free
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