Metalworking Oils

Jokisch Monos Oxia C3S -13-

Old productname: Jokisch Monos Atos i13
  • Excellent viscosity temperature behavior – low evaporation - excellent air seperation and oxidation stability

Metalworking oil for severe processing.
Characteristics: The base fluid is a group 3 base oil,
better viscosity-temperature behaviour and higher flash point.
Available in different viscosity classes.

Jokisch Monos Atos i13
  • Application
  • Charakteristics

Used in turning, milling, deep hole drilling, deep drilling and profile rolling.                                Can also be used for grinding operations.

Due to the excellent air separation capacity, significant improvements in the cutting performance can be achieved. The low viscosity allows filtration down to below 1μm.

The combination of high-quality additives in combination with the new Group III base oils results in a significantly better viscosity temperature behaviour, a higher flash point, lower foaming tendency and a significantly lower evaporation loss, which has a very positive effect on the mist behaviour.

Benefits in the area of work- and environmental protection, reduced costs for the maintenance of air filter systems and ensures an improved work environment.

Available in various viscosity classes.

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