Metalworking Oils

Jokisch Monos Atos C3G

Old productname: Jokisch Monos Atos M10
  • Hydrocrack metalworking oil for severe metal processing.

Good compatibility towards sealing gaskets and coatings


Jokisch Monos Atos M10
  • Application
  • Characteristics

High performance processing oil with mild odour and light colour, for grinding and cutting operations. Is used for grinding processes on steel with CBN and ceramic grinding wheels at high cutting speeds. Its main application is in gear manufacturing processes, like tooth flank grinding. The copper corrosion of 1a (ASTM D 130) also makes it suitable for lubrication of hydrostatics bearings in machine tools, also very well suited for drilling, milling, and turning.

The EP additives of the product also allow machining processes such as hobbing and gearwheel pushing.

The low viscosity allows filtration to below 1 μm.

Due to the copper corrosion of 1a (ASTM D130), it can also be used in hydrostatic bearings of some machine tools. Based on HC mineral oils with very low aromatics content and polar and chemically active (EP) additives. These cutting-edge active ingredients increase the pressure absorption capacity of the oil, reduce wear on the tools and thus extend their service life.

This improves the surface quality of the processed workpieces.

Does not discolour non-ferrous and light metal.