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Jokisch Monos Prix F2G

Old productname: Jokisch Monos Prix F2G
  • High strained roller bearings
  • which work under difficult conditions
  • including shock load
  • in damp locations.

Multifunction grease for various industrial application. High strained roller
bearings, which work under difficult conditions, like shock load, in damp
locations. NLGI-Class: 2

  • Application
  • Charakteristics

Multi-purpose grease with EP properties for high loads, on the basis of a lithium-hydroxystearate thickener and with proven additives for reliable performance.

It is ideal for lubricating rolling elements and bearings and it is very well transportable in central lubrication systems.

·   Outstanding load carrying capacity

·   Improved mechanical stability

·   Resistant to water wash off

·   Oxidation stability

·   Good corrosion protection properties

Suitable for the application temperature range from -20°C to + 130°C.

Care must be taken to ensure that elastomers are compatible with mineral oil (hydrocarbons). Rubber and rubber components in brake systems designed for non-mineral hydraulic fluids (e.g., polyglycol based) may be incompatible.

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