Metalworking Oils
Jokisch Monos Miko S3S

Jokisch Monos Miko S3S

Old productname: Air-Cutting-Oil
  • for micro lubricating systems - chlorine free - based on esters of natural source
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Jokisch Air Cutting Oil are cutting oils developed for the use in micro lubricating systems. They can be applied at all machine procedures where micro lubrication systems are installed.

Jokisch Air Cutting Oils are based on synthetic esters derived from natural source. The oils provide good tool live and very good surface finish of the machined work pieces. Special additives added in order to improve spraying properties give best application via micro lubrication systems.

Jokisch Air Cutting Oil - general machining.

Jokisch Air Cutting Oil EP Air Cutting Oil EP - with special EP additives for heavy/very heavy machining