Metalworking Oils

Jokisch Monos Nera 068

Old productname: Bettbahnöl 68
  • Demulsifying slideway oil
  • usable as hydraulic and transmission fluid according to DIN 51524/2.
Bettbahnöl 68
  • Application
  • Characteristics

For the lubrication of slideways and guides on machine tools and other aggregates.

Particularly suitable for plastic-coated slideways.

All the requirements of DIN 51 524 Part 2 of hydraulic oil HLP are fulfilled. (Jokisch Monos Nera 068 only).

Also well-suited for lubrication of bearings and gearboxes and can be used as universal oils for the lubrication of machine tools.

Fulfill the following specifications: ISO 11158 / ISO 6743-4 HM und HG, ISO 12925-1 / ISO 6743-6 CKC / ISO 19378 / ISO 6743-13 GA und GB /DIN CGLP, Cincinnati Machine P-50 (ISO 220),  P-47 (ISO 68)

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