Water Soluble Fluids

Jokisch Migma Rino ESR

Old productname: Jokisch Anti foam fluid Boric- a. acidfree
  • Chlorine free - amine free - nitrite free - free of boric acid - free of biocides

Highly effective defoamer especially for boron- and amine free watersoluble
fluids (containing mineral oil) which contain sulfonate emulsifier

Jokisch Anti foam fluid Boric- a. acidfree
  • Application
  • Charakteristics

Defoamer for water soluble mineral oil-containing and amine-free cooling lubricants containing sulfonate-containing emulsifier systems. Premixed with water or existing emulsion. Add to highly turbulent place (but not before the filter). Before each new addition it is necessary to wait until a thorough mixing has occurred (should be added in portions). The defoamer should be added until a sufficient foam collapse occurred.

Provides maximum compatibility with the usual subsequent processes. After washing machined parts can be painted or coated without problems.


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