Metalworking Oils
Jokisch Monos Etia 1.2

Jokisch Monos Etia 1.2

Old productname: EDM Fluid 19
  • Electrical discharging machining oil suitable for all types of spark erosion.
EDM Fluid 19
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Used primarily for fine finishing. Here, the oil ensures effective spark erosion. Even in very narrow spark gaps, the product has excellent rinsing properties. Surface roughness of 1 μm and less are achievable. The oil is mainly used for finishing and roughing. Also suitable for superfinishing and honing as well as crack detection oil.



Made from specially refined technical white oil of high purity. Low aromatic content ensures a significant improvement in the working environment.

The high dielectric strength allows small erosion gaps, which leads to a high removal rate in conjunction with the good flushing capacity.

The oil is distinguished by its high resistance to aging and is easily filterable with the commonly used media. Suitable for operation with graphite and copper electrodes.