Jokisch Service App
Jokisch Service App

Jokisch Service App G.E.R.

Increase process reliability and reduce disposal costs

Damage due to poor coolant quality is usually very expensive - necessary replacement causes downtime and reduces productivity on top increased costs.
Hence regular coolant analysis is a crucial factor to evaluate the emulsion quality and to keep it in good condition.
The coolant monitoring can be documented conveniently and reliable with the Jokisch Service App.
All measured results are analyzed and evaluated according to benchmarks.
Any potential cause of coolant quality degradation will be flagged and necessary next steps are recommended.
Regular coolant fluid analysis is an important contribution to occupational safety, operator and environmental protection

Your benefits at a glance

• Digital documentation supports a safe, cost effective and hence efficient production operation
• Installation of the machinery for emulsion monitoring
• Increase the service life of your coolant and optimize your machine readiness
• Increase process reliability and reduce disposal costs
• Analysis and evaluation of results including catalog of measures
• All product-specific parameters are available at any time at a glance
• Measured results can be easily and quickly shared with our laboratory for further analysis and advice
• Online and offline available


Access code

You can use this email address to request access to the Jokisch Service App.

Jokisch G.E.R.

As soon as you have purchased a Jokisch cooling lubricant from us directly or through a trading partner, you will receive an access code.